Infamous names in the pharmaceutical industry like AKA and CTFO clearly becoming bigger and more popular than ever thanks to the range of offered products that characterized by exceptional quality and outstanding value for money.

CBD business can be entered by virtually any individual. This is due to the fact that any person can find a full-time job here or earn part time income with ease. All that has to be done is to be signed up and then you can start to sell the products.

If your decision will be at the top of the agenda, you can approach things with CTFO in different ways: It offers wide range of the highest quality products that are regarded to be in constant demands, therefore if you are about to get yourself into the best business option that exists out there, please do not hesitate to do just that!

This review of the current products that are offered to the partners will provide you with every detail that you will need to know, so you may consider whether this is the right CBD Company for your future activities!


It is always depended on a particular line that you wish to buy and trade, which is characterized by its strength and products type. Generally, the products’ prices range from as little as USD 24.97 to USD 159.97.

When the company’s products are bought in decent quantities and in bulk, partners can always hope for a generous discounts, hence if you plan frequent and regular purchases of CBD on daily basis this fact has to be beard in mid at all times.

Are you prepared to explore the power and opportunities of CTFO CBD that will work only for you?

If you think that you are committed to this challenging task, you would be better to have in detailed look at the products the company offers. There are also some pricing options to choose form, so you will have a clearer vision of great opportunities that CTFO prepared for you.


There are four categories of CBD products that will make the base for your activities.

  1. Health products.
  2. Nutrition products.
  3. Remedies for anti-aging process.
  4. Products for pet.

*Every single product, which you are about to purchase, will be offered at the discount for you. You can also see how you can strike such deals whilst reading about the current offering.


The product can be obtained for only USD 49.97 with a discount instead of USD 65.97 as normal price.


There are various options people can go for when it comes to consider purchase of hemp oil drops:

  • Pure Hemp CBD oil.
  • 10X Pure Spectrum oil.

10X stands for the power multiple of the full spectrum CBD oil because it makes it easier for human body to absorb its particles. It is hydrophilic and regarded as a real hit in the whole products line.

The results can be reached in a much faster way because it acts as a prebiotic and anti-bacterial remedy.

  • CBD oils also play substantial contribution to the following:
  • Ensures appropriate level of sugar and consequentially healthy blood.
  • Provides decent energy level.
  • Stabilizes the level of anxiety.
  • Normalizes digestion.
  • Plays substantial contribution to the immune system.

If commence to use CDD oil for the first time, you may require to see the strength of 300mg. and the results that you will get by using it. Afterwards the dosage can be increased.

  1. VAPE OIL.

You can get the product for as little as USD 59.97 with a discount, instead of paying normal price of USD 80.97.

The daily usage of only 500-1500mg. of the vape oil will ensure that your body will have daily requirement dose of Cannabidiol. This is a perfect products, which can be used with vape pen or any other devices.

There are flavor to be chosen from:

  • Blueberry cheesecake flavor.
  • Natural citrus flavor.

Our clients can get the product for only USD 79.97 with a discount instead of regular price of USD 105.97.

If there is constant pain in your muscles, the above mentioned cream will be the right solution to cure the problem. It also can be used as a pain relief for anything else.

The main advantage of using the cream is that it can be applied directly to the pain area. It provides almost immediate relief no matter whether it occurred after an accident or workout. It can be applied to virtually any troubled area on your body.

  • The cream provides anti-inflammatory attributes, which features the following:
  • 500mg of CBD oil.
  • Provides support by using ailments as well as stiffness.
  • Emu oil.
  • Contributes to pain relief
  • Helps to hydrate your skin.

The product can be obtained for USD 36.97 with a discount instead of paying normal price of USD 50.97.

CBO products offer several solutions for pain relief but free-Ze rub is clearly stands way apart. This is all due to providing “icy” feel after the substance is applied to the troubled area.

This oil is provided in 50mg. It is proved to be absolutely ideal to provide immediate relief for minor aches and pains in any part of your body. The penetration of pain is fast and very efficient.

The details of the actual key benefits from using it:

  • Fast and effective relief is provided by Cryotherapy or in other words –cold therapy.
  • It contains some menthol, which ensures some extra cooling to the applied area.
  • It gets into the skin in a very fast and effective way hence relief is provided almost instantly.


This product can be bought for as little as USD 49.97, whereas the original price of USD 65.97 is skipped.

Many people started to cooperate with CTFO by buying and selling this product because it has always been in high demands. This is a great option to go for to ensure decent revenues from its sales.

Every product is normally sold separately but it has to be admitted that it works better when used all together.

It can be obtained in ether 50mg. or 100mg containers. Anagain is clearly one of the best solutions to ensure and contribute to hair growth with astonishing results.

Human hair starts to grow more rapidly covering the area where it is applied in full. The hair also gets thicker and healthier.

The four steps system has to be approached in the right way. Here is what it gives you:

  • Leave-In-Cream.
  • Hair mask.
  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo


There is enormous amount of other products, which are offered by the company. It includes: ointments, capsules, creams, sprays, gummies and lots of other products. Additionally, there are weight loss remedies, sprays for good sleep, anti-wrinkle creams etc.

It is highly recommended to find out the details every single product, which is offered by CBD on the company’s official website. The selection of such products is huge but we also provide you with the list of the most popular ones:

  1. CBD Gummies
  2. CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray
  3. Isolate CBD Oil Drops
  4. CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray
  5. Roll On Pain Rub
  6. CBD Energy Blast & Focus Oral Spray
  7. CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray
  8. Pure Hemp CBD Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum
  9. CBD Pain Relief Oral Spray
  10. Massage Oil
  11. Dead Sea Mud Mask with Vulcanus Kaolin
  12. CBD Facial Toner
  13. Pure Hemp CBD Total Wellness Capsules
  14. CBD Facial Toner
  15. Your Majesty Queen of All Creams Moisturizing Cream
  16. Pure Hemp CBD Daily Facial Cleanser
  17. Pure Hemp CBD Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover
  18. Pure Hemp CBD Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream
  19. Pure Hemp Anti-Agin Moisturzing Cream
  20. CBD Ulta Moisturizing Body Butter
  21. Pure Hemp CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
  22. Pure Hemp CBD Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream
  23. Pure Hemp CBD Neck and Decollete Anti-Aging Cream
  24. Pure Hemp CBD Overnight Skin Rejuvenator 

As it clearly be seen the range of offered products is very hard to beat by any competitor. Virtually anything that associated and related to skin care, pain relief anti-aging staff can be found here. So it can be definitely said that CTFO cavers almost every area of cosmetic health products on the market.

The question is whether you are prepared to commit yourself and secure CTFO discounts for your purchases?


One of the best things that CTFO can offer to the partners is diversification of offered products. Products for pets are ideal point to kick start with.

It already has been proved by practices and studies that CBO products are ideal for pets and can help to sort out many issues and problems such as:

  • Digestive problems.
  • Allergies and anything that is associated with it.
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer and anything that may help to prevent it.
  • Fear of Thunderstorms.
  • Loss of Appetite problems.
  • Pain issues.
  • Variety of allergies.
  • and lots more.

All in all you will have to work closely with your vet specialist to cure the problem fundamentally but CBD products can clearly help to sort out some issues immediately and provide outstanding result in terms of relief.

Here is what CBD can offer:

  • Chewing treats for your pet.
  • Oral sprays.
  • Pet shampoos.


If you are about to find out what real customers and partners say about CTFO cooperation, there are plenty of references and feedbacks that can be found in the global net. It will prove you with a crystal clear picture what it is all about. In addition, here is what the actual partners have to say:


At the current moment none of you will require a coupon to secure the discounts for potentially purchased products. The current, latest offers provide you with generous discounts that can be used straight away

In the case if you do have a coupon or you are entitled to get promotional discounts, the following section will provide you with detailed information about it. Please also check the latest releases.


CTFO is undoubtedly the best opportunity for any individual to commence commercial activities by selling highly demanded and high quality cosmetic products. Therefore, if you have been searching for the following products to start trade you are certainly in the right place:

  • Sleeping problems.
  • Anxiety problems.
  • Pain issues.
  • and lots more

It is absolutely certain that you are in the right place that will provide you the path for success and prosperity in the future. CBD offers the best products, which stand second to none on the market. Therefore, please do not hesitate and secure your discount deals right now. We both have mutual interests and strike your personal deal right now!