CBDistillery review

The market for cannabis-related products is on the rise in most states now. CBD-infused products continue to be among the most demanding goods, offered by the retailers. However, choosing a producer with an excellent reputation and excellent quality of products is still challenging. 

Unfortunately, many brands are focused on marketing rather than the health benefits of their goods. This makes consuming CBD goods similar to playing Russian roulette – you can’t be sure about the health properties of goods, offered by suspicious producers. However, we are here to help you with choosing the best brands with only premium goods and large assortments of products suitable for different conditions. CBDistillery is just one of the most reliable players in the CBD market. In this post, we will provide you with the most important information about this brand, learn more about its products, as well as discover the pricing policy of the popular producer. 

About CBDistillery company 

cbdistillery-logoCBDistillery is one of the pioneers on the market of CBD-infused products. The company was founded in 2016 by a group of enthusiasts from Colorado. The company is focused on producing high-quality hemp-derived products that are fairly priced. Furthermore, CBDistillery produces only U.S. grown products. It is a completely legal service that meets the requirements of both local and state laws. 

The company is one of the leading producers of CBD-infused products that stands out from the crowd of other companies. The fact is that it launched the world-known movement for promoting the health benefits of CBD, also known as CBDMovement. This movement encourages and inspires people across the United States to look for CBD infused products for treating a large number of ailments and conditions. It was created for educational purposes and currently has a whopping number of over 500,000 mentions on the Internet. 

The mission of the movement is to provide the most up to date and reliable information about CBD goods globally. Currently, it is supported by numerous physicians, retailers, and happy customers who are ready to share their success stories with other people. It is likely not only to change the attitude of many people to CBD products but also significantly change their lives. #CBDMovement is now one of the influencers in the digital area, being a large and fast-growing trend in the cannabis world. 

CBDistillery features

Top-notch quality and transparency are the highest company’s values. Each CBDistillery product has an understandable label that contains the entire information about its potency and the additional ingredients it contains. With the help of QR code, scanned by your smartphone, you can also check the laboratory results of a chosen product and make sure it meets all the requirements. 

The company follows the regulations, provided by the FSA. Furthermore, CBDistillery is certified by The Hemp Authority of the United States. Each product, offered by the brand, meets the quality standards of ISO 9001, Lab tested potency and purity, and Natural Farming Practice. 

We’ve carefully examined dozens of customer reviews regarding consuming various products of CBDistillery. Below you will find handy lists of both the pros and cons of using the company’s goods and services.  


The company is a member of the National Hemp Association. There is nothing new that the cannabis industry still requires advanced regulation methods. Many producers still lack control of the quality of goods they produce. Moreover, there are just a few companies that are ready to meet the requirements of the state organization related to hemp. However, CBDistillery is proud to be a respectful member of NHA that has the strictest regulations for hemp material and CBD-infused products. Being a part of this state organization is surely very honorable and prestigious for any CBD company. 

The company offers completely unique products. Being one of the most modern and innovative players on the CBD market, CBDistillery is constantly improving its assortment. According to the recent data, it is the only company that offers CBD suppositories. Yes, you are not wrong – CBD can be taken anally. The fact is that the human intestines have excellent absorption properties, so many kinds of treatment can be used in such an effective way. 

CBDistillery offers a wide range of CBD vaping products. Vaping is becoming one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD. However, the number of vape oils on the market is still limited. CBDistillery is one of the companies that offer both CBD vape juices and e-liquids. A wide range of goods, offered by the service, is another huge advantage of the popular brand. 

It has all its products tested by a third-party laboratory. Although attracting independent labs for testing CBD products is becoming a common thing for many producers, there are still lots of companies that fail to follow this rule. However, CBDistillery successfully cooperates with ProVerde laboratories that test each company’s product for both purity and potency. Furthermore, the results of the tests are always opened to the public and can be effortlessly checked by any consumer. This benefit is surely worth paying attention to. 

Still, using CBDistillery products and services might still have some disadvantages. So, let’s move to the negative aspects of the popular company. 


Generally, we haven’t found any too negative review on using the company’s products. There are also no claims about the failures to pass THC drug tests or facing any serious health issues after consuming the products, provided by the company. However, there is one drawback CBDistillery should pay attention to. 

The truth is that many products, offered by the popular brand, have not enough potency to cope with certain conditions and ailments. Those patients, who require high doses of CBD and suffer from severe or chronic pain, as well as other serious conditions, might feel disappointed by the company’s products. The fact is that the goods, produced by the company, are focused on common customers. This means if you would like to reduce anxiety, have a good sleep, reduce the number of headaches, or just feel healthier, CBDistillery might become a perfect choice. However, if you are looking for something stronger, it is better to search for more potent alternatives. 

CBDistillery products list

The company is known to have a whopping number of CBD products with diverse features. All of them have different potency, ingredients, and ways of consumption. Below we’ve created a shortlist of products, offered by the company, to help you with making your choice easier. 

CBDistillery hemp oil

cbdistillery-hemp-oilThe company is known for its large number of hemp oils. These are classical full-spectrum oils that are made from different parts of the hemp plants. Each oil contains different flavonoids and terpenes, as well as some other non-psychoactive compounds that will make you feel healthier. All the cannabinoids contain not more than 0.3% of THC. This means you can forget all your worries about getting high failing a drug test because of hemp oil. CBD oils, offered by CBDistillery, comes in two sizes (30 ml and 15 ml) for your convenience. Moreover, the potencies of the oils also vary (the potency ranges from 150 mg to 1000 mg) The most potent CBD oils are quite strong and contain 2, 500 and 5,000 mg of the compound in 30 ml bottles. 

Note: CBD oil should not be used for vaping! 

CBDistillery capsules

cbdistillery-cbd-capsulesCapsules continue to be one of the easiest and the most popular ways of consuming CBD. This method doesn’t require choosing and measuring the right dosages of the product. As for CBDistillery capsules, they come in bottles of 60 or 30. Each capsule contains 30 mg of CBD that is the most common dosage of the compound, prescribed to most consumers of CBD capsules. You can easily take a bottle anywhere you need and take a capsule everywhere and anytime you need it. 

CBDistillery isolates

cbdistillery-cbd-isolatesThe company also offers CBD isolates. These are unique hemp extracts that have no additional compounds but only CBD crystals. These products can be used for vaping, dabbing, and adding to different meals and beverages. Many users often add CBD isolates to various home-made beauty products. Feel free to choose from 1 mg, 10 mg, or 100 mg of the isolate to suit your needs.  

CBDistillery vape pens

cbdistillery-vape-pensThe company has a wide range of vape pens with cartridges that contain different flavors that will surely suit the tastes of even the most demanding customers. You can also use refillable pens and fill them with different types of CBD e-juices. There are lots of options, offered by CBDistillery for portable vaporizers or e-cigarettes. By the way, the brand also sells out different 4-packs product packages to give you an opportunity to try different tastes and smells. Disposable pens, offered by the company, are 200 mg each, while e-liquids come at 1,000 mg per ½ oz bottle. If you don’t know which flavor to try first, it is recommended to try the Grape option. This one is considered to be among the most popular. 

СBDistillery topicals

cbdistillery-cbd-topicalsThe brand has two types of topicals. Both products have 500 mg of CBD. In case you would like to use a topical for pain relief (for example, joints and muscle pain) it is better to start with CBDol. If you are planning to use a creme to fight inflammation and just make your skin look healthier, CBDefine might be the best choice of your needs. Generally, products have very similar properties and can be helpful for treating all the conditions, mentioned in this passage. 

CBDistillery pet products

cbdistillery-cbd-pet-productsThe company also takes care of our furry friends. You can easily buy CBD pet tinctures to treat your animal from a wide range of different conditions, including pain, anxiety, and digestion issues. The tinctures come in 150 mg and 600 mg bottles, both containing 30 mg of CBD. You can also purchase a funny bandana for your four-legged friend to make it even cuter. It is important to note, that according to the recent review, the tinctures can also help gods of large sizes. 

CBDistillery suppositories 

cbdistillery-cbd-suppositoriesIf you are looking for new innovative ways of CBD consumption, as well as you are not afraid of making experiments, you can easily try CBD suppositories. This way of consumption offers the fastest absorption and might be helpful for those people who require immediate relief from certain conditions. According to CBDistillery, suppositories are great options for intense stomach pains and nausea. 

The number of CBDistillary products that hit the shelves of CBD retailers is really whopping. Both new and experienced CBD consumers can easily choose the perfect products to treat their personal conditions and ailments. All the products have superior quality and can be used on a regular basis. 

CBDistillery Price list

Is the company budget-friendly? Can you purchase its products for low cost? Are the goods worth its money? Find the answers to these questions in a brief pricing list. For more detailed information about the prices, please refer to the company’s official website. 

  1. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil pricing list: 
  • 250mg – $20
  • 500mg – $35
  • 1000mg –  $60
  • 5000mg – $240
  1. CBD tinctures pricing list:
  • 250mg – $20
  • 500mg – $32
  • 1000mg –  $55
  1. Pet tincture:
  • 600 mg – $38
  • 150 mg -$20
  1. CBD isolate powder
  • 10 gram – $30
  • 5 gram – $15
  • 14 gram – $370
  1. CBD capsules: $6-$115 per bottle
  2. CBD topicals:
  • Lip balm – $9
  • Creams – $50

Generally, the company offers a loyal and completely understandable pricing policy making buying CBD products affordable for any consumer. Moreover, CBDistillery often offers great discounts on holidays and on different occasions. This means you can save money if you keep in touch with the company’s news and sales. 

Our experience with CBDistillery 

As for our personal experience, it is difficult to make the final opinion about all the company’s products since we haven’t tried all of them. However, those products, that were tried by our dedicated CBD enthusiasts appeared to have a high quality, as well as were quite effective in eliminating or reducing a large number of conditions. This means the CBDistillery really values each customer and takes care of the superior quality of each product. 

As for the potency of the products, it is a perfect solution for most CBD consumers. The pricing policy of the company is also very good and reasonable. All the products are offered for reasonable prices and can suit even the most limited budgets. The packaging of all the brand’s products is completely safe and convenient, as well as it is not likely to be damaged during transportation. The company delivers orders within the shortest terms, therefore, you will not need to wait too long to get your CBD goods. 


CBDistillery has a great assortment of products that are likely to suit most CBD consumers. However, if you require higher doses of CBD, you might find the goods not potent enough. Moreover, CBD products are not regular treatments for different conditions, as well as it might work differently for different people with similar ailments and body structure. This means you will surely need to contact your doctor before taking any popular CBD products and choose your personal dosage wisely. This way, you are likely to get all the possible health benefits, offered by premium CBD products by CBDistillery. The company is a safe, reliable, and reputable producer withe the years of experience in the production of CBD goods. By the way, the brand is constantly working on improving its existing goods and services, as well as develops more innovative and modern solutions to improve the health of millions of CBD consumers. 

In case you would like to start consuming CBDistillery products, it is better to begin with lower dosages and listen to your body to experience the best effects, offered by the CBD products.