KOI CBD Review

What can ye tell about the manufacturer of thine cannabidiol merchandises? Do ye know its philosophy, treatment to users & other people & merchandises’ list? When did it launch off, what was the entire reasoning behind it (besides earning money)? Sometimes, it is unexpected to discover something about thine favorite manufacturer – even if ye think ye are already pretty familiar with it. Today, we are making an overview of Koi cannabidiol – a manufacture, which is in the field’s pacemakers, which started the operations in two-thousand-fifteen aiming at making the entire industry better. Did they make it happen for real? Where are they now? Let’s consider all these things.

About Koi cannabidiol manufacture


The manufacture was started in two-thousand-fifteen with the goal to deliver the super-excellence standard – so high, which would be able to set up the new market’s standard. Frankly, we wouldn’t say, which the manufacture coped with the task of setting a new ‘standard’, to which everyone should strive, but what it did – it actually makes a nice merchandise, which is optimal in excellence, traceability of the result at every stage & complete transparency. 

This brand focuses harshly on the vapers (as vaping tinctures, devices & cartridges for, which are in the center of the entire manufacturing process of a manufacture & make the lion’s share of the entire merch catalog). So, if ye love to vape & prefer reliable merchandises in this process, Koi manufacturer should be thine choice. 

In 2015, when the manufacture launched off, it was extremely hard to find merchandises with cannabidiol, which would have cannabidiol, not hemp oil instead, in its table of contents, of an exact amount, which is stated in the packing info & of high potency coming at an admirable cost. The manufacture entered the market to make people receive what they actually were longing for, without deception, without too high costs – just to establish the fair connection of a seller with a purchaser.

Koi cannabidiol features

This manufacture has a medium range of merchandises but this is not a disadvantage or advantage – it just means the focus is done on what the manufacturer can sell – not creating a frustratingly big range of merchandises, amongst which only half or so will be experiencing popularity.

From the blog of a manufacture, ye may find out what’s new – which adds extra points to the openness of a manufacture in general. 

By scrolling down the main page, ye will see the best-selling merchandises – amongst which ye can choose thine, orienting at what people buy the most.

We’ve seen the functionality of locator of the shopping point: ye may search thine based on thine location (to see a close one to ya).

In addition, on the pages of website, there are recipes of yummies, which ye can do with cannabidiol: like pumpkin tarts. Wouldn’t it be whopping to try them with cannabidiol as thine homemade stuff? 


  1. Third-party laboratory tests. This has become a mandatory thing in the market while still, some manufacturers forget about it (or hide them intentionally). But not Koi cannabidiol. This manufacture is open towards its clients & places the laboratory test results on a separate page, where ye can easily & with high comfort find the latest test result for thine merchandise. Although, we would find it better if it was possible to obtain the lab results immediately on a merchandise page, without the need to go elsewhere.
  2. E-juices for pain relief work wonderfully – especially those, which start their potency at 500 milligrams.
  3. The entire range of merchandises is freed from tetrahydrocannabinol (or contains up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol, as it is regulated by the existing legislation).
  4. Cannabinoids of full spectrum. The manufacture does not use isolate, which is a frequent guest on the shelves of other manufacturers. The absence of the isolate in the formula of a manufacturer actually means, which the range of merchandises is of a full spectrum – which includes not only cannabidiol but also CBG & CBDV, amongst the others. 
  5. Colorado origin of the entire grown hemp. This state has a wonderful climate for growing hemp: crystal-clear cold waters of the local river, nice warm sun & black-earth soil are exactly what any bush of hemp needs to be high, wide & naturally potent. 


  1. On the site, where it is the list of merchandises, which require selection (of the delivery, potency, quantity & so on), it is inconvenient to make the selection & it takes extra time because the web developers did not think of the user convenience. For instance, choosing a merchandise to be delivered, its amount is set as ‘0’ automatically, while we’re pretty sure, which at least 80% of users want ‘1’ merchandise when selecting it. Even if they want 2 & more merchandises, still, embedding ‘1’ would save time for 80% of users. Then – the potency or flavor. Why do ye need to choose something, which is different from the blank? Wouldn’t it be amazing to automatically assign some best-first value? If a user wants another, he or she is going to have to change. But if ye, as a manufacturer, have, like, 2-3 options in this dropdown list, assigning 1 would save time for at least 33% of users (or to 50%, at max). Nobody wants to buy ‘zero’ option, right, so why still having & assigning it? A bright example of hell of a lot of choices & mouse clicks is the page koicbd.com/merchandise/cbd-vape-juice-variety-pack, where ye have to click at least 20 times to make the selection of a merchandise ye want (4 clicks to 5 merchandises in a bundle). 
  2. Price is not the market’s average. For instance, in Lazarus Naturals, ye get 6,000 milligrams for 200 bucks of the USA. Here, ye receive 7,000 milligrams for nearly 400 bucks of the USA. Yes, there is a difference in the extraction methods (Koi uses CO2 while LN uses solvents, which is a chemical way of extraction). But since both companies do lab tests to verify the high excellence, wouldn’t it be wiser for all other companies to turn to what LN does if there is no real difference in excellence but the cost really differs?
  3. While some other manufacturers offer to subscribe to their newsletter to receive an advantageous cost, like -10% discount for the first purchase or even for a lifetime, this brand does not offer anything for the subscription – ye just do. There is no incentive to do it.
  4. Vape liquids are suitable for both sublingual uses & for vaporizing. A similar universality is not good, as it means, which it is partially good for both instances.

Koi cannabidiol merchandises list

Now let’s consider the list of its merchandises. 

1.Oil tinctures (oils)

oiltinturesWhat other manufacturers call oils, this one calls ‘tinctures’. No matter the name, they come in 6 different flavors + 1 unflavored option. The entire range of merchandises delivers ye an opportunity to order a thing from 250 to 500, 1,000 & 2,000 milligrams in strength. Every piece of merchandise is suitable for vegans, those who undergo drug tests on their work, free from pesticides, solvents & lab-certified.


cbdgummiesIf ye wanna treat yourself with pre-measured cannabidiol in merchandises, ye should opt for gummies. Each of them has 10 milligrams of cannabidiol – nice enough for beginners. If ye have an extensive history of using cannabidiol, ye should opt for a more potent merch or try from 5 to 10 pieces of it at a time.

3.Wellness shots


Are ye on the go? Thine lifestyle is about minutes, not hours? Then a wellness shot is just the thing ye need! Drink it on the go to receive delicious 25 milligrams of cannabidiol. Select amongst the three flavors: watermelon, raspberry or peach tea. 

4.Vape e-juice

vape-e-juiceIf ye think about leaving cigarettes for good, vaping e-juices are the exact replacement, which ye need. This manufacture has eight options of e-juices, in the variety of potencies & flavors, which are going to suit every user. The list of juices ye can find on thine own, but we are going to tell ye, which if ye’re searching the best on the market options, then ye should definitely pay thine attention to what Koi manufacture offers ye. 

5.Devices & cartridges 

devices-&-cartrigesIn addition to cannabidiol vapes, the manufacture also offers the things, which are a part of vaping – & these are batteries, vaping sticks, cartridges & pods. When ye address to this manufacturer, ye are going to meet a manufacture of a full cycle, which is ready to deliver ye everything ye need for vaping – juices, hardware & expendables. 


topicalsDo ye have the need to greasing some sites of thine skin from time to time because they hurt? Or ye feel muscles’ ache, subcutaneous pain, or anything like, which? Well, in this case, ye definitely need to apply one of the topicals, which the manufacture offers. They come in three varieties:

  • Healing balm of the travel size (0.46 oz)
  • Large healing balm
  • Lotion (for external application).

The cost for each is from 19.99 bucks of the USA to 59.99 bucks of the USA.

7.For pets

oil-for-petsHow much do ye love pets depends on how much cannabidiol ye give them. Soft chews of full-spectrum cannabidiol oil come for 29.99 bucks of the USA for 25 pieces (just to give them a bite) & oil spray of 500 milligrams can be applied at the food so to calm thine pet effectively down.


merchThere is nothing much to say about the apparel – it is represented by hats. The cooler it is – the bigger it costs. 😉

Price list

  1. Oil tinctures (oils) can be divided into standalone merchandises ranging in the cost from 39.99 bucks of the USA to 169.99 bucks of the USA & into variety packs, which cost 127.96 bucks of the USA & from 129.99 to 219.99 bucks of the USA. The line of flavors does not influence the cost (ye will meet here natural flavor, orange, spearmint, lime, strawberry & peppermint). The sets are made of the same line of flavors & their cost depends on the potency.
  2. Gummies in their cost will depend on the number of gummies in a pack: there are 6 & 20 of them. Also, there are two options of flavors available (sour & regular) but they do not affect the cost. 6 are sold for 9.99 bucks of the USA, while ye’ll have to pay 29.99 bucks of the USA for 20. The potency is not too high in gummies – just 10 milligrams of cannabidiol per 1 piece, so, ye buy 60 or 200 milligrams only, respectively. 
  3. Wellness shots are small bottles of approximately 2.5 oz each consisting of liquid with cannabidiol & an extract of something inside (watermelon, raspberry or peach tea), which all are sold for 7.99 bucks of the USA. Each bottle contains 25 milligrams of cannabidiol.
  4. Oil for vaping has amazing line of flavors (pink lemonade, tropical popsicle, strawberry milkshake, vanilla caramel custard, watermelon + sour green apple, blue raspberry & without a flavor) & they all cost from 29.99 to 99.99 bucks of the USA, while the set of 5 with the potency of 250 milligrams each costs 159.95 bucks of the USA. There is a trick: the site’s catalog shows ye 7 bottles, representing all tastes & showing, which their potencies are 1,000 milligrams per flask. So, ye thus consider, which it is possible to acquire 7,000 milligrams of cannabidiol for only 159.95 bucks of the USA., which’s not true – when ye get into the selection of flavors, the system prompts ye to choose only some 5 pieces, not 7. Also, the cost is shown 159.95 if ye only choose the most little possible potency – 250 milligrams., which is, ye buy just 1,250 milligrams for 159.95 bucks of the USA. Unlike other manufacturers of cannabidiol, where the bigger ye buy, the lesser is 1 gram of cannabidiol costs in this or, which merchandise & eventually reaches some 0.7 dollars per 1 gram, in the case with this manufacturer, things are not so: one gram still costs largely over 1 dollar in each case & volume of thine purchase. Choosing the strength of 500 milligrams per flask, the cost will rise to $239.95. Choosing a thousand, the cost becomes whopping 399.95 bucks of the USA., which’s much more expensive than, for instance, in Lazarus Naturals manufacture, which sells 6,000 milligrams of cannabidiol in their oils for just 200 dollars. So, whether there is a need to pay twice as much for the potency just 1,000 milligrams above the Lazarus Naturals’? Well, this is for ye to decide.
  5. Cartridges & Devices will let ye vape. There is such merch in the catalog:
  • A cartridge battery for 380 mAh will cost 11.99 bucks of the USA & a MAX battery for 380 mAh is coming for 15 bucks of the USA
  • Refillable cartridge comes for twenty bucks of the USA
  • A rechargeable vaping stick ready for use (after it gets filled with the vaping juice) is sold for 39.99 bucks of the USA
  • 2 pods in a pack for 9.99 bucks of the USA
  • Vaping stick (by Boulder) is found for 17.99 bucks of the USA.
  1. Topicals here consist of three types: 
  • Healing balm of the travel size (0.46 oz or 14 grams), which contains 150 milligrams of cannabidiol, which is sold for 19.99 bucks of the USA
  • Lotion for the body available in three scents (for 39.99 bucks of the USA)
  • Healing balm (in a bigger flask than the travel option) is sold for 59.99 bucks of the USA.
  1. Pet merchandises are designed specifically taking into account the body mass of pets & naturally bigger metabolism compared to people. There are two types of pet merchandises: spray for 59.99 bucks of the USA & soft chews for 29.99. 
  2. Merch is represented by hats – 7 of them as of December 2019. They are sold for 24.95… 39.99 bucks of the USA. What’s the difference? The coolness of the hat! (duh! 😉

Our experience with Koi cannabidiol

We’ve tried two vape e-juices in the line of all merchandises with cannabidiol: watermelon (because we love watermelon’s taste) & flavorless (because we wanted to compare with watermelon). Although the best first decision was to fill in the entire vaping tank with the e-liquid, we’ve read the feedbacks of other users, telling, which this is obvious but not the best solution. The best would be solving it with e-liquid, which ye’re currently using (without cannabidiol) to get the optimal result. We did the same & we did not regret. The outcome was the reception of the relaxing feeling, which started in 10 minutes after the beginning of vaping. No matter which one of two we used – the time before starting feeling the result was the same (the flavor did not take part). We used them to decrease anxiety & pain levels for our arthrosis – & it worked!


We would definitely recommend the Koi cannabidiol Manufacture to users because of its high excellence. But we would not say it is the best in its cost – we’ve seen better on the market. On the scale from 1 to 10, we are giving this manufacture a firm 8.