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Basic information and resent studies about CBD oil

The first scientific description of the beneficial properties of cannabis dates back to 1830, when a doctor from Ireland, W. Brooke O’Shonnesy, described experiments on testing cannabis-based products on animals and humans. The results indicated a positive outcome of the treatment of stomach cramps and pain syndromes.

In the 19th century, hemp-based medicines were used to treat inflammation and anesthesia throughout the entire European territory of the globe until aspirin was invented. At the beginning of the 20th century with the development of pharmacy, mass production of cannabis drugs started. A simple fact: by 1937, there were about 280 major manufacturers worldwide, that produced more than 2,000 items of hemp-based drugs.

And only after 1961 and the adoption of the UN Single Convention, in which cannabis was introduced as a drug, in many states it was forbidden. Today, the situation with the use of marijuana and cannabis for medicinal purposes remains rather ambiguous, but there is a number of countries in which its use in medicine is legalized – and the list of these countries is gradually growing.

CBD oil in daily supplement

We take daily nutritional supplements for a number of reasons – to strengthen healthy immune and digestive systems, to build muscle and to maintain healthy heart, lungs and brain.

We also take vitamins to improve and maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

But did you know that you can also add CBD to your daily health routine?

Although CBD cannot replace vitamins, essential amino acids, probiotics, etc., It has properties that can improve their function.

CBD also acts as an antioxidant. Helps vitamins and other antioxidants reduce the negative effects of free radicals. CBD is a full of powerful, healing antioxidants. When our cells metabolize oxygen and burn energy, they produce free radicals. Now free radicals are very reactive and very unstable molecules.  When they move along cells, they “steal” some of the electrons found in the cell, causing damage to the cells. The high level of free radicals contributes to the development and progression of diseases and illnesses. Free radicals are involved in the formation of chronic diseases such as diabetes, dementia, arthritis and even eye problems. Cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBN, also act as antioxidants. They “lend” their electrons to free radicals, effectively stopping the negative chain reaction that these free radicals cause. One study even stated that cannabinoids are not just as effective, but also don’t have a tumor-stimulating effect like BHT.

CBD is known to reduce inflammation, including mild and chronic. This effect helps to reduce the risk of developing chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension and obesity.

This CBD effect also protects the skin from acne.

CBD also produces other therapeutic effects. It can reduce pain, control nausea and vomiting, elevate mood and reduce stress and anxiety. These are symptoms that negatively affect daily life.

In March 2018, in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology was published an interesting study. it says that a CBD is a component of the plant that is not addictive, and it can help overcome the craving for alcohol. Also, Cannabidiol helps to reduce the risk of recurrence in people recovering from addiction to psychoactive substances. ⠀

The research team found that Cannabis has excellent resistance to the degeneration of neurons, and also noted: Re-use of CBD does not harm, so it is safe. Prior to clinical testing, CBD demonstrates the ability to protect the brain from damage, caused by regular use of alcohol. Even a short course of treatment for CBD can have a long-term effect.


Some new facts about CBD

1) What is the difference between CBD hemp oil and hemp product I buy from a store or pharmacy? Hemp products at the grocery store are processed from hemp seeds, which are rich in protein and healthy nutrients, but contain almost no CBD oil;

2) What happens if your endocannabinoid system is out of balance? If your endocannabinoid system is out of balance, it can lead to symptoms such as inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and other more serious diseases. These conditions stem from clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD);

3) What type of extraction is used? To extract CBD from a hemp plant, we use a process in which C02 is at a low temperature, under high pressure. This allows us to trap CO2 in a liquid state and effectively extract CBD and terpenes from plant material.


Main facts about CBD oil are as follows:

  1. CBD (CBD) is one of the main components of hemp. CBD is included in 85 unique compounds of this plant, which are combined into one group under the common name “cannabinoids”. The most famous cannabinoids that have been found in cannabis today are THC and CBD (most likely, this happened because of the ban even on studies that began only recently, after the legalization of marijuana in some countries). For the same reason, these two components take part in various scientific studies;


  1. CBD does no psychoactive influence. This component will not give the feeling of “being high”, which is mainly an association with hemp. This effect is given by THC. THC that binds to the CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors. But CBD is not associated with them, and therefore gives a healing effect in other ways. Thanks to this, CBD can be used by those workers who need clarity of thought and speed of reaction. In most cases, many diseases of various kinds of complexity are treated with pharmaceuticals, but only many of them are either addictive or have many side effects. A CBD can very often become an excellent, non-toxic substitute with a more effective effect;


  1. Is oil with CBD legal? Each country is different, but nowadays due to the strong understanding of influence use of this oil on health, it becomes more and more widespread all over the World,


  1. Our body itself produces cannabinoids, and oil with CBD helps with their clinical shortage. There are endocannabinoids – naturally produced substances in the human body, and there are phytocannabinoids – these components are obtained from plants. For example, anandamide, or “molecule of bliss” is a great example of an endocannabinoid. This molecule activates the CB1 receptor, which has many positive effects on human health. With a shortage of endocannabinoid health begins to limp, and in case of serious diseases (PSTR, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, migraine, IBS, etc.), when a number of drugs with terrible side effects is attributed, CBD helps increase the number of endocannabinoids in the body, while the same time, without “rewarding” the patient with adverse reactions. Many studies say that CBD can help with many incurable conditions – these include psoriasis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, schizophrenia, chronic and neuropathic pain, etc. Endocannabinoids are also produced in animals, but this system is more developed in them, therefore, in treating animals, one has to be careful with the dosage of CBD;


  1. Oil with CBD affects several neurotransmitter receptors, and therefore improves the quality of life, reduces pain, regulates appetite, sleep, nausea, anxiety, inflammation, etc. At the same time, hemp with a high content of CBD has practically no such undesirable effects as with THC;


  1. The CBD is only the most studied element so far, and in general there are more than 400 compounds in cannabis, the total work of which gives the desired therapeutic result. It is all of them that make cannabis effective – for example, 100 mg of pure CBD will give a lesser effect to alleviate the disease than 100 mg of a whole plant. Here you can draw an analogy with vitamin C – in its pure form, it does not work, even its discoverer over the years of research could not cure scurvy with ascorbic acid, since it is just one of many compounds that together constitute vitamin C. That is why there are multiple debates about oil with CBD from technical hemp, and oil with CBD from cannabis. Obtaining CBD oil from technical hemp is cheaper, more profitable, but it gives fewer positive effects, since the necessary compounds are missing. Agricultural hemp is closer to the type of cannabis that you can grow yourself or find in nature, but cannabis with a high content of CBD is hybridized by manufacturers to obtain the highest level of the desired combination – this type contains almost no THC, and it is impossible to receive a parcel from it;


  1. CBD and THC help differently with different types of pain – THC works better with convulsions and pain spasticity, and CBD gives the best result for the treatment of neuropathic pain and inflammation. A high dose of THC can exacerbate pain, so it is better to apply micro dosing here, and since many find it difficult to cope with the side effects of THC, expert’s advice to take drugs with a combination of both components;


  1. CBD oil helps children with epilepsy and convulsions. Those people who had dozens of convulsions every day noticed that their number had significantly decreased with CBD. If you take into account the huge number of children who take a lot of toxic pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate their condition, it is clear that such variant is less non-toxic.


CBD oil in treatment

Today CBD oil has showed excellent results in the treatment of a wide range of serious diseases:

1) Epilepsy. In the US, the legalization of cannabidiol has long been under the jurisdiction of states. But in June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration at the federal level approved the use of CBD oil to treat two types of epilepsy. The drug has gone through three phases of clinical trials and demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of epilepsy in two syndromes, Drave and Lennox-Gastaut, in which patients suffer from severe seizures that are not relieved by conventional medical means.

The sad feature of these diseases is that they both start very early, Drave syndrome appears in the first year of life, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome between the 3rd and 5th years. Cramps not only cause pain and suffering to babies, they significantly limit their ability to develop and receive joy from life.

They deprive him of the future and change for the worse the lifestyle of the whole family. Moreover, in the syndrome of Drave, the mortality rate is very high. Here in this study, out of 100 patients observed for 17 years, 17 died, and at a rather early age.

Any relief for children with these types of epilepsy is a huge victory, and cannabidiol in many cases allows it to be won. The anticonvulsant effect of cannabidiol is also observed in other types of epilepsy. Studies have so far been conducted only on limited samples, but they are encouraging, since, in addition to reducing the number of convulsions, they demonstrate a good safety profile of the drug;

2) Cancer. Extremely interesting are the data from laboratory studies and tests of cannabidiol in the treatment of cancer. A review of these scientific works, carried out by Italian authors, suggests that cannabidiol alone suppresses the growth of various types of malignant tumors, stops the spread of metastases and contributes to the death of cancer cells. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, pain syndrome, inflammatory processes of various origins, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes also hit the list of diseases and disorders for which cannabidiol definitely has potential. Amazingly, cannabidiol showed activity even with respect to resistant Staphylococcus aureus – a super bulb that has become a thunderstorm of modern hospitals, especially surgical departments;

3) Many women suffer from the debilitating symptoms of PMS and the menstrual period. Headaches, chest pain, abdominal cramps, mood swings, fatigue, loss of sleep, all this can spoil a beauty of the day. But now this is not a problem, since CBD is legal and we can use it. CBD helps reduce PMS symptoms. It relieves abdominal pain and cramps, as well as relieves headaches. In addition to this, CBD also improves sleep and improves mood. One study shows that inflammation contributes to PMS symptoms. It was also associated with menstrual cramps. CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory property. and helps relieve inflammation. This anti-inflammatory property of CBD also helps get rid of acne and blackheads caused by PMS and the menstrual period;

4) Stress. In modern metropolitan areas and even in small cities, people, unfortunately, have a very high level of stress.


And in confirmation of this, here are some statistics:

77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress

33% feel they are living under extreme stress

48% feel their stress has increased over the past five years


There is nothing “ordinary” in these numbers. With all the resources and knowledge available to us these days, we make every effort to contribute to the decline in these indicators.

Stress can be of different shapes and sizes: anxiety, fear, nervousness, constant tension, emotional problems.

Studies show that CBD helps to balance emotions in a natural way even in the most difficult times. Not only does CBD help balance emotions, it promotes a comprehensive healthy lifestyle that will automatically restore you to a natural, happy, balanced state.

The use CBD oil will reduce the level of stress in your daily life and help to live fully, breathing more fresh air;

5) Brain disorders. According to statistics, every year about one million American adults suffer from brain diseases. Experts believe that by 2020 these figures will double. Prescription of the drugs can control some of the symptoms associated with these brain disorders. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not enough. Prolonged use of these drugs also causes disturbing side effects. CBD is a safe and effective alternative treatment for these diseases. This can not only improve the situation, but also delay the progression of the disease! CBD improves cognitive and motor functions in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. It can also control treatment-resistant attacks for epilepsy, as well as chronic pain associated with these disorders of the brain;

6) CBD in treatment of anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depressive disorders are more than just casual feelings of sadness or anxiety. When these feelings begin to leak into everyday life and you can no longer do what you were able to do before, it may mean that you have one of these disorders. Anxiety and depression are serious and can cause big health problems, including problems with heart, muscle tension, suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as general suppression of the immune system. Treating symptoms is crucial to maintaining overall body health, and CBD oil for depression and anxiety can often help. According to recent studies, CBD is one of the best treatments for depression and mental disorders, while unlike pharmaceuticals, it does not cause addiction to other side effects.

 Why doesn’t CBD work on me?

There are many studies, which show the medical benefits of CBD. It helps to relieve pain, inflammation and anxiety. But it may happen that it does not work for someone. Why so? There may be many reasons, and we are here to help you understand why.

The CBD has many advantages, but they are not always instantaneous. Have you taken a dose of CBD today and think that your pain and inflammation will disappear immediately? Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order to feel its properties, you need to wait. The properties of CBD, such as anti-inflammatory, are longer. This means that you should use it daily and can feel the benefits in about 2-4 weeks. It will take some time for his work. This is due to the fact that CBD enters your bloodstream and interacts with your endocannabinoid system along with your immune system. In this process, your cells will eventually begin to react, and your inflammation and pain will decrease.

This is a supplement rather than a quick pill, so the results will not be fast. It takes time and regular care to achieve balance in our body.